Marching toward March

The days are lengthening, we feel it on both ends. Days dawn earlier, and the maple tree branches outside my bedroom window appear earlier now, minutes so, each day. Driving around Cambridge, I noticed that the sun didn’t drop below the horizon till very close to 6pm. What relief!

The crab shack on the Talbot side of the Choptank River is closed till April 1st, like every other summer business. But the crabs on the sign still reach toward the sun, as if to remind us they are coming. And this time of year, I always wonder about when EXACTLY they’ll start heading up the Bay, our way. Beginning soon, to turn in their muddy caves, deep under the Atlantic side of the Bay where they winter. How long before they stir and awake, and begin to push those powerful swimming fins up north, toward us?

One stroke at a time.

~ by kbosin on February 22, 2012.

One Response to “Marching toward March”

  1. In summer while eating them I always think of how far they’ve come, but they don’t often come to mind this time of year when they’re heading up the Bay. Thanks for the reminder, I have such clear mental picture of them swimming out of the dark depths towards us!

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