a small terrapin

…was walking through the yard toward the marsh, minding her own business, when we arrived. Stepping out to sit on the dock to enjoy a 68 degree late afternoon, our paths crossed. She didn’t seem to like it much. In this picture, it looks like she’s screaming. For the record, no sound came out….but we put her down quickly in the tall grass.

We sat and took deep breaths of spring. With water flatter than either Kansas OR a pancake, we watched the reflections of February on Harris Cove. Silent, not a swish in the water, not a snake in the grass, just that little terrapin, clamped tight now, in her shell beside the dock.

It smells of spring now, and perhaps the thunderstorms are turning the wheel in my mind, but I feel like it’s here. This is it. True harbinger of spring, the popped open bloom of the red maple, sticky stamens reaching for the sky.

So many things have been blooming all winter, I stopped taking photos a month ago. Here’s a flowering quince, in Bozman, whose blooms we’ve admired for well over 6 weeks.

Without a leaf in sight, that old, moldy travel trailer hidden in the Bozman woods calls out to Kevin every single time he walks by…..”I wonder if the guy wants to sell it?” he asks, for the ten zillionth time. I certainly hope not, but he’s a dreamer when it comes to airstreams and travel machines.

Following then, with the small group of white birch on Cooper Point Road, so stark against the sky and a delicious breakfast of yogurt and blueberries, there was my day (minus the work part), yesterday, going backwards. From sunset back to breakfast. A record of another spring-like February day.

~ by kbosin on February 24, 2012.

5 Responses to “a small terrapin”

  1. I love this post and the pictures. It’s true: the early spring (lack of winter) has already been noticed. That’s what I wrote about today on my blog.

  2. Love your Harris Creek reflections photo, very nice! Cute terrapin too!

  3. Great pictures. Isn’t the terrapin the University of Maryland mascot?

  4. What a cutie! Unlike that snapper I thought was a terrapin back in early September:
    What an unusually warm winter we’ve had, eh? I keep thinking snow will eventually come, but abandoned that concept just after Valentine’s Day.

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