Artist Lila Garber opens show entitled “Story Line of Time”.

The Community Mennonite Church of Lancaster’s Parrot Gallery will open Akron painter Lila Garber’s newest show entitled “Story Line of Time” on March 2nd.

Lila Garber’s “Story Line of Time” features works selected from different points in the last 20 years of her life. Her stories speak not only of her personal life and journeys through adulthood, parenting and travels, but her fascination with nature.

The March first Friday opening reception, from 5-9 pm, will feature live music by Maddy and Maia Garber, Thea Buckwalter and Marcy Hostetler with strings and keyboard. 

“I spent years camping with my family, walking through nature – trails and seashores, rivers and beaches. Camping gave us time to observe, absorb and appreciate natural surroundings. Nature inspires me, and painting offers me a way to interpret, record and recreate images.  I find that making art is a contemplative process that brings my internal and external worlds together.  My work includes realistic and abstract forms in design and color”, says Lila.

In addition to her paintings, “Story Line of Time” includes a dozen or so shadow-boxes. Lila’s mother gave her an antique shadow box as a gift in 1955, to preserve her wedding flowers. Ever since, she’s created personal shadow boxes, incorporating actual objects of nature with her paintings.

With 40 years of self-study in drawing and painting, Lila studied Fine Art at Millersville University.  After decades of work in watercolor, her recent work has been in acrylics and collage.

The show will hang in the Parrot Gallery until April 30th.

 When: Friday March 2nd

Where: 328 West Orange St., Lancaster, PA 17603   (717) 392-7567

~ by kbosin on February 28, 2012.

One Response to “Artist Lila Garber opens show entitled “Story Line of Time”.”

  1. How cool! I wish I was close enough to attend.

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