Exit geese, exit tundra swans

We watched a large V of tundra swans way up high this morning, headed northwest, whooping as they went. Without question, they’re heading back home. And moments later, a V of geese, heading in the same direction, at the same elevation – up there pretty high. They migrate riding certain thermals, certain winds that assist. Every bit counts when it comes to maximizing push and minimizing effort. People could learn a lot from that.

Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera. We stopped on our walk as they flew directly over us, and could feel their intention. Headed off on their migration – that feeling is unmistakable, human or bird…..off on a big trip…..”here we go!” It was palpable.

And yesterday, spied some more new blossoms on our sunny afternoon walk. Here come the maples! And the big wheel turns another bit, inching toward spring.

Exit tundra swans, exit geese, exit February.

~ by kbosin on February 29, 2012.

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