First osprey sighted 2012

…in Easton, by Herman and Nancy Espenhorst – several weeks early. Around here, the first sighting is usually the somewhere around the 3rd week of March.

Welcome back, osprey!

I wonder how far south they went this year. With such a warm winter, I suspect that they didn’t go nearly as far south as usual. We know that the geese, for example, mostly stayed north. Perhaps the osprey only went as far as FL this year, rather than their usual South American winter destinations. Regardless, it’s wonderful to have them back on the Chesapeake Bay.

~ by kbosin on March 5, 2012.

4 Responses to “First osprey sighted 2012”

  1. I saw one Saturday when we went to pick up Mark’s grandmother on our way to a fish fry. He was sitting in the tree right next to her house. Later, when we dropped her off, there were two eagles sitting in the very same tree. Quite a day for bird watching, I’d say.

  2. Awesome! They haven’t made an appearance over here on the Eastern Bay, but our eyes are peeled!

  3. Oh boy, Easton, that is close, real close! Thanks for sharing. The closest I had heard so far was Potomac River. My eyes are peeled too Eastern Babe!

    A bit of info I know, the osprey research done at the Univ of North Carolina where they attach transmitters to osprey from the northeast each summer showed this past winter that all those that survived (it was a terrible winter of loss mostly from the hurricanes) still migrated all the way to South America which is interesting since most other migratory birds didn’t venture as far because it wasn’t necessary for them to as your mentioned. Further quite interesting info can be found on the osprey research at their website:

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