You can tell a lot about people by the “stuff” they collect.

For years, we collected piles of junk….. pieces of metal, old furniture, books, taxidermy (really), etc. Ugh. At the time we had 12,000 sq feet of studio space, so like attracted like and it took years to get rid of it all.

(we still have the buffalo head…….)

When “Operation Fix the Osprey Platform” failed on Wednesday, we headed over to Alice and Bill’s place to warm up. They collect miniature orchids, botanical names, seaglass, antique tools, arrowheads, interesting rocks, nature walks, stories, birds, nature books, knowledge of eagle nest locations and local history. And a beautiful Chesapeake workboat that collects crabs, whenever Bill takes her out.

How cool is that?

And check this out – it’s not really a collection, but it is. Or actually, it’s a collection belonging to a yellow-bellied sapsucker, who has drilled dozens of holes in the blue atlas cedar out in front of their house. I suppose that technically, you could say that the sapsucker collected the sap, and Bill and Alice are left with the holes. In any case, lined up like books on a shelf, these holes – up and down the entire trunk of the tree – look and feel like a collection too.

~ by kbosin on March 10, 2012.

8 Responses to “Collections”

  1. What a lovely post, the words and the photos and the thoughts behind them. I just read about someone who says she collects empty space. That’s a collection I need to cultivate in our cluttered house!

    • I love the idea of collecting empty space. My husband always says that he collects experiences – another great collection that only takes up space in your mind.

  2. What lobe of the brain governs the “collecting impulse” ? Ain’t it strange – the various and sundry stuff that folks collect? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, I suppose.

    That said, looks like my “collecting lobe” shares similar synapses to Bill and Alice – I too search fields and shorelines for arrowheads, and have the complete collection of books by Larry Chowning (as seen laying on table in photo). Now that is some stuff truly *worthy* of collecting!

  3. Great blog! You made us loolk good…………………….thanks.

  4. The blog and pics are great. I have dumped that bowl of arrowheads countless times and it never gets old looking at each one. Cool pic of the cedar too. I’ve never seen that. Interesting tree for interesting poeple.

  5. Great post, love all the photos and collections, pretty cool.

  6. Bill and Alice–always another layer! Great blog post and great people!

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