Day breaks

…late this time of year, as far as clocks go. I wake with the light, look out my window, and listen.

Bozmanian bird beaks open and shut, such sweet sounds from tiny mouths. Looking out the window, I can see that it’s still, and my mind shoots out across Harris Creek. I suppose that it’s flat today. I notice that this new day must be warmer, the furnace is not going on and off so much.

Appreciation fills me up, starting with the window that shows me the day. Gigantic tall windows with antique wavy glass – I’ve loved this bedroom one for almost a year now. No leaves yet, I sometimes watch an eagle circle, or squirrels leap. I appreciate this little schoolhouse, snug since 1890….the tall windows that let in light, the small footprint of the room. I learned when I had a huge one, that tiny bedrooms offer a special kind of comfort. My eyes go around the room – appreciation for my side of the room with my piles of books and cds, hidden from view – my secret messy corner. I appreciate the luxurious feel of the pillows and sheets, perfect heft and weight for the season. Appreciation for Kevin and Zip, of course, and for a comfortable bed that has served so well for so long. Appreciation for the beautiful art in the room – the Keith Jacobshagen monoprint of 30 Nebraska sunsets, that shoot my memory across decades and states, to the open fields and grasslands. The Marcel Salinas print, a gift so many years ago – sailboats in a harbor – almost a prediction of where we’d end up, so many years later. Appreciation for the ceiling fan, turning slowly, soft sweet air moving through the room.

Appreciation for my community here, thoughts of friends and neighbors waking, showering, having first coffees of the day. Kids dressing for school, watermen already long gone, out on boats for hours by now. Appreciation for my family, not so many miles away in all directions, and the days that they are creating for themselves. Appreciation for myself, my solid night of sleep, my physical body, which feels great lately. Remembering the breaking back pain of a year ago, and appreciation that it is so far in my past I hardly recall it anymore.

Appreciation for the natural world outside, the shad slowly rising up from the ocean into spawning spots, crabs lifting from mud and hustling up here, in time for crab season which opens April 1st. The tiny seedlings in my garden, reaching deep into soil and up towards the sun. The birds, always the birds – flying, swooping, singing.

Ready for my own first cup of Rise Up, I sit up and step out. Thank Youniverse.

~ by kbosin on March 19, 2012.

4 Responses to “Day breaks”

  1. What a wonderful hymn of praise to the new day. Your day but any day. Thank you.

    • And appreciation for you, my friend across the Bay, in the busy suburbs. I think of the morning sounds in your neck of the woods, and the lights on early in the houses of your neighborhood…joggers, early walkers, dogs sniffing in the wet grass….and you composing your day’s post on the computer. Nice!

  2. I ditto Anne’s comment….beautiful Kathy.

  3. perfect description Anne, it IS a hymn of praise! love this, Kathy – made me smile before my day.

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