transfixed by the chicks

Pot Pie Farm’s new shipment of 100 chicks arrived by mail some two weeks ago, and I stopped by for a quick visit. Carol Bean wasn’t there when I arrived, so I walked around with Mia (dog), and took some photos of emerging seedlings and the beautifully prepped garden beds.  Hearing tiny peeps and mews, I went inside the little shed where they keep the chicks. It looks so unassuming from the outside….you’d never know that a hundred little beings are inside.

Water, feed, protection and two light bulbs are all these youngsters need. They freak out, of course, when you enter – weep weep weep, freak freak freak, louder and louder it gets, then – the pitch softens, and they go about their meeping in a quieter, easier way. There’s a chair in there, so I sat, and just took a deep breath and watched. The energy in the room shifted, and listening, watching….time changed somehow. I felt a different sense come over me, meditative.

I stayed there, focused on them for a short time – fifteen minutes. A very strong feeling of well-being washed over me after a little while, no other way to describe it. I might have been able to sit for hours. But I heard a car, so I stood up, slowly, quietly, and moved out.

And here’s the thing. I felt as if I was better off, after having sat in that chicken house for fifteen minutes. Something about that connected me in a different way to the world. Tiny chicks, a hundred of them. Brand new to the world, meeping and peeping and whifting around – ffflltttt! But when they slowed down, even with my hulking presence…..I felt slowed myself. And connected.

So cool.

~ by kbosin on April 3, 2012.

One Response to “transfixed by the chicks”

  1. Awww. These chicks are so cute. Thanks for posting!

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