it’s so sticky…..

You wonder. If it sticks so much on the car, the desk, the picnic table, the shoes, the jacket on the porch, the screens, the bucket out back and the handrail…….how are my lungs dealing with  it? And is this why the (supposed to be) white dog is looking green-ish?

But then, think – these tiny sticky pollen clumps – floating through the air, randomly landing on receptive stigma in the dangling flowers of another oak nearby….. How many of these does it take to actually create a long-lived, gigantic tree? Probably one, such a tiny little sticky thing that you’d have to peer through a magnifying glass to see the actual individual part….that will grow into an acorn, that will grow into a mighty oak.

Thinking about that, the sticky mess matters less. And….thinking about it that way, I can breathe deeply and just fine, thank you very much.

And with that, the spring winds will kick up, the humidity and temps will drop for an overnight, and the tiny oak pollen will all shrink up and blow away. Whoosh.

But until then, we’ll be covered with sticky pollen. I intend to be glad for it.

And so goes spring…….

~ by kbosin on April 5, 2012.

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