The Full Fish Moon

April’s full moon has other names, notably the Pink Moon (from wild ground phlox, one of the earliest flowers of spring), the Full Sprouting Grass Moon, and the Egg Moon.  Eggs are plentiful this time of year, and sprouting Grass makes sense as well. Among coastal tribes it was called the Full Fish Moon, since April is when the shad run upstream to spawn.

Being coastal now, my choice of name is the Full Fish Moon. I love the notion of the instinctual migrating behavior of fish and any other species – heading upstream, seeking that fresh water to spawn – not cognitively knowing why but push, push, pushing to get there, regardless of any hurdles.  Salmon, tossing themselves, using every bit of strength and energy while they’re dying, but completely committed to the path ahead. Maybe it’s because I’ve always been so wishy-washy, spinning around in circles, not sure which direction to choose, ding-donging around.

In any case, I appreciate and think about the patterns of nature. A lot. Like how this full moon crossed over the roof of the house, but didn’t shine in my eyes the way the February moon did. The moon is on a different path now, shining on the church at the end of the street. The shad are on their way – or maybe even upstream by now, such an early spring. And I see crabbers most days on Harris Creek, but I hear they’re not getting much yet. The kitchen door is open to the screened porch, and the birdsong is loud. The blackberry bushes out back are all leafy, and the marsh is turning green again, from the bottom up.

We watched the Full Fish Moon rise together in Mayberry, shortly after watching the sunset over the Bay. Sitting outdoors, on a second floor perch, it felt like summer again. And the sunset, the never-ending sunsets, day after day, round and round it goes, each as beautiful as the last. Never tiring, always inspiring. Even Pete, who sees every single sunset from his home, can’t resist. 

~ by kbosin on April 8, 2012.

One Response to “The Full Fish Moon”

  1. Love these pictures, and I agree. Full fish moon is the best name. Alliterative! Thanks for writing a comment on my bluebells and ferns posts, and for reading….

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