The only thing better than a Capriotti’s cheesesteak…..

… one of their italian subs. OMG.

And guess what?

They’re opening a Capriotti’s right here in the land of pleasant living! In Easton!

Now, I’m not one for chains. It’s not my thing, BUT these guys started out as a Mom and Pop sub shop in Wilmington, DE. When I was a kid, we’d go to the old shop in the old italian neighborhood. I still remember what it smelled like in there. Now, they’re franchising everywhere – California…..and wikipedia tells me that their largest market is Las Vegas. But honestly, as long as they keep making those subs taste so gol-darn good I don’t care how or where they sell them. And I’m REALLY glad they’re going to be selling them right here, in Talbot County.

A couple of years ago, when I moved here from the midwest and had to eat a lot of subs to catch up after 25 years, I did a taste test of my favorite two biggies – Capriottis and Casapullas. Here’s a link to that post –

…and yet another one about italian subs –

PS – when you go, make sure you get the hot peppers on that italian…..mmmmmm!

Come to think of it, what with all this braggin’ I’ve been doing about their subs…….they oughta buy me lunch.

~ by kbosin on April 11, 2012.

4 Responses to “The only thing better than a Capriotti’s cheesesteak…..”

  1. Now I’ve got me a hankering for a Capriotti’s sub for lunch today! Most definitely with the hot peppers. Great stuff. We’ve got one located here in Middletown, DE where I work and a new one opened up on Kent Island last year. Amazing how big their little chain has grown across the country over the years.

    They should buy you lunch, Kathy!

  2. Aaaaahhh. But where and when?

    • Their website says “coming soon” to 106 Marlboro, which is right by Ledo’s Pizza in the same shopping center as the old Railway Market.

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