Big Water View

One conversation yesterday was about waterviews – if you were choosing, and money wasn’t an object, what kind would you pick? Since we happen to live in a county that claims to have more miles of waterfront property than any other county in the country, it’s not an unreasonable question.

The Jims both would choose quiet, intimate creeks with protected coves. And I can picture that too – trees, meandering creeks with shady, quiet coves. A quaint cottage tucked into the tall pines, with a long dock down to the sailboat. Who doesn’t like that image? North of us, maybe off the Wye River, or north still, on the beautiful Corsica? Or anywhere on Tilghman Creek, for that matter. Sigh.

But it’s hard to ignore the big water views – either looking straight out over the Bay, all the way to Calvert County, you can see the cliffs if you squint – or – the Miles River.

 Ahhh. The Miles River. Where we landed when we came east – smack dab on it, with the sloshing sounds, slowly pounding all night long, rhythmic. The sound of the water slang around in your heart, you didn’t notice it after a while, but most days, it was omnipresent, in the background…whoosh, wham, whoosh, wham……. Then – PLOP!!…. an osprey or eagle, screaming downward into the water – ploosh!

Or the sound of the menhaden swirling – some nights, you could hear them way out in the Miles, twirling in a frenzy, jumping out and flitting on top of the water (swimming for their lives, being chased by something big) – then BOOM – gone – quiet…..the rings slowly fade.

Big waterviews come with wind. And weather. And on our side, facing northwest, some brutal storms hit us straight on. I remember wind driving rain through the siding of the house, and the paint blistered with bubbles filled with water. And a neighbor once had fire from her riverside fireplace blow into her room (she turned a fan on it and it blew back up into the chimney – quick thinking!) There were days that the whitecaps seemed as tall as I, but when the sun came out and the wind stopped……it was heaven.

Yeah. A Big waterview for me.



~ by kbosin on April 12, 2012.

5 Responses to “Big Water View”

  1. Great post. My dliemma is water view or mountain view? Which shall it be? (If we ever get out of the ‘burbs!)

  2. Big waterview for me too. A view that is ever-changing with wildlife and weather making it never the ‘same view’. And always breathtaking no matter what!

  3. Thank you for the new desktop background; you take beautiful pictures. I always enjoy browsing your posts 🙂

    • You’re welcome. The real treat is that what you’re looking at on your desktop is the Miles River view that was protected from development a year ago. That’s where they were going to put 247 townhomes, but the land was purchased at the last minute by Joan Murray. She was St. Michaels’ angel.

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