First crabs of the year

..and they were delicious. Eric and Michelle got them from Chesapeake Landing – our favorite place to get local crabs. These were Virginia crabs, and you could tell – they weren’t the gigantic Miles river crabs that we’re used to. Considerably smaller but fat, and as sweet as blue crabs are. Although crabs are in season locally, they’re just not here yet, way up in the middle Bay where we are. Another month or so, and Miles River crabs will be on our dinner plates.

Why are Miles River (and Wye River) crabs so large in comparison to those in Virginia and locations south? Micro-climate. Salinity. Water temperatures.

We ate them around the big table in the studio with a salad and two new friends. It rained, and between the salty taste of the crab seasoning, and the sound and smell of the rain coming through the doorway…..the feeling of a fresh new season was definitely in the air.

All reports say that the Chesapeake Bay crab population is doing better than ever. I intend to do my share of celebrating the harvest ahead in 2012. Bring it on!

Thanks, friends! Grateful!

~ by kbosin on April 30, 2012.

5 Responses to “First crabs of the year”

  1. Won’t get those at The Udder Choice….we’ll be heading your way real soon

  2. So if I want to take a short day trip and enjoy Miles River crabs, can you recommend a place that serves them? Either restaurant or carry-out. Thanks!

  3. Were the crabs soft shell or hard shell at this time of the year?

    • Blue crabs will molt some dozen times, maybe less – throughout the growing season – same as your garden, april through November. Although many seem to molt just before the full moon, “shedding crabs” is a 24/7 operation around here in the summer, and there are always crabs that are shedding their shells.

      I’ll have more info on crabs in a day or so – I got some great shots on Sunday of a local chef demonstrating softshell crab sliders during Winefest at St. Michaels. Seriously delicious.

      Come to think of it, Karen, you would really love Winefest and our little town anytime – please add it to your “investigate this place” file? Call me and we’ll eat local.

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