Evenings on Harris Cove

There’s a new feel in the air – day and evening. Daylength-induced? It’s palpable. These are the evenings – the long ones, when fireflies spark the conversation. They’ve been spied nearby, but I haven’t seen any on Harris Cove yet. 

Mid-May. Perfect.

~ by kbosin on May 15, 2012.

4 Responses to “Evenings on Harris Cove”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous photo! I feel like I’m there. So missing MD right now … but we will be back this summer starting with Memorial Day Weekend and I’m dying to finally come visit Pot Pie Farm. So lovely!

    • Terrific! Bring those cameras and your beautiful perspective – can’t wait to see Talbot County and Pot Pie Farm through your eyes!

      • So sweet! I would really love that. If you have a moment, email me at margaret@margaretandjoy.com and let’s make a plan for me to come shoot at your place … if Memorial Day Weekend is too busy, we’ll be down again on a weekend soon after 🙂 Can’t wait! All best, m

  2. Love the photo. The long evenings of summer almost palpable in it. Enjoy!

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