Talbot County’s Buttercup Fields

If you had to choose a color to describe May in Talbot County, it would be hard to not choose yellow. The wild buttercups (ranunculus acris) cover every field that isn’t planted with cover crops. I drove across Delmarva a couple of times recently, and didn’t see much in the way of buttercup fields, till I got back to Talbot County…and then – wham. They’re everywhere. If you drive Rt. 33 out of St. Michaels, toward Tilghman Island, you’re sure to know this one:

This is the field surrounding the long lane leading to a Broad Creek property where the State troopers hide on a regular basis, nabbing their ticket quotas. I pulled in, got out of the car and just sat for a few minutes, watching the birds skim the field of bright gold. It was calming, watching the wind over the buttercups. And it won’t last long – one by one, fields are being turned for corn and beans, and in a few weeks, the buttercups will be a distant memory.

Along the sides of the road, they’ll persist for a while, till the Queen Anne lace takes over, with red clover, chicory, and the native rudbeckias. Until then, I’ll appreciate and celebrate the brilliance of Talbot County buttercups.

~ by kbosin on May 18, 2012.

2 Responses to “Talbot County’s Buttercup Fields”

  1. Is this the flower that determines your love of butter by holding it under your chin. Unlike the flower the determines your choice in love by removing it’s petals one at a time.

    • indeed it is. And if you hold it to someone’s chin, it invariably reflects yellow, signifying a love for butter. And anyway, who doesn’t love butter?

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