An Old Time Holiday in Bozman

The village of Bozman celebrated Memorial Day with a parade, a big tent, BBQ, potluck side dishes, balloons, singing, games, prizes, politicians, cupcakes and watermelon. With the possible exception of the kids driving golf carts and mini cars down the road, the celebration could have taken place a hundred years ago. There is a timelessness to holidays in rural villages on the Shore.

Postmistress Kelly Haddaway Bodensick belted out patriotic songs and the crowd sang along. Little Dale May Swan walked around with a tiara and a “Miss Bozman” banner, and even more tiaras were seen in the parade as three “Bozman belles” waved to the crowd from the back of a convertible.  A flock of young mothers fussed over their babies and every third person wore red, white and blue. Boys were spied driving four-wheelers on the green, filling balloons with helium and sneaking around looking guilty. Neavitt native Jeannie Haddaway Riccio, 37th District Delegate and State Senator Richard Colburn rode in the parade and worked the crowd.

Tommy “Buckets” Pisciottia wowed the crowd with his ingenious bucket drums, a pile of recycled plastic buckets turned upside down and taped together as a drum set. With a cymbal and some toe-stomping aluminum cans, Tommy is a one-man band. A kid magnet, Tommy had a gaggle of assistant drummers by the end of the picnic. Funds were raised and prizes won. One lucky Bozmanian won a bushel of crabs from PT Hambleton Seafood Company.

Kids raced around, played hard and nobody left hungry. At the end of the day, the extra food was packed up and whisked off to the St. Michaels food bank. Organizer Mary Bryan said “This event is so fun. These kids really don’t know how special it is to grow up in a small town like this. It’s important to keep these traditions going, and we love to bring everyone together for a great time.”

–Reposted from the Talbot Spy

~ by kbosin on May 30, 2012.

2 Responses to “An Old Time Holiday in Bozman”

  1. OK. I want to move to Bozman right now!

  2. Sounds like fun.
    Nice to know that “small town America” is alive and well.

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