eating crabs in the boat shop during a storm

Big storms rolled through Delmarva last evening, with tweets and photos of twisters flying all around. We hung out at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s boat shop, eating crabs with friends old and new. Master shipwright Marc Barto hosts these crab parties from time to time, and always invites any museum wanderers in, to sit at the table and join in the fun.

There’s something about a boat shop. Piles of tools, the smells of wood, projects half-finished. It feels like our old sculpture studio and honestly, I’d rather hang out in a place like this eating crabs with strangers and sharing stories, than spend the evening in the fanciest of restaurants. We met folks traveling up the coast on a big trawler, and people from our own neck of the woods. Such a great time, in spite of the pounding rain and scary skies.

The waves kicked up on the Miles River, and we watched layers of clouds fly fast across the sky. It was beautiful, powerful. And it was a great time – thanks Marc!

~ by kbosin on June 2, 2012.

3 Responses to “eating crabs in the boat shop during a storm”

  1. What a lovely place to sit down and eat….. the boat shop.

  2. crabs, beer, boatyard. when’s the next party !!

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