“quick! she’s giving birth to eggs!”

…someone called out from the side of the lemonade stand in Mayberry…. so we walked around behind the house. Indeed, she was birthing eggs. She had wedged herself underneath a garbage dumpster in a backyard. Safe and cool, she was definitely laying eggs. Can you see her?

She’s a snapping turtle, and tons of them live around Mayberry, situated right on the protected salt marsh. Alongside the terrapin, snapping turtles are plentiful and integral to the marsh habitat. And according to Biological Services at Towson University – “Females generally lay 1 clutch ranging from 20 to 75 eggs resembling ping-pong balls.  Based on temperature, the hatchling turtles will emerge from the nest in 9 – 18 weeks and are the size of a half-dollar.  Some hatchlings may overwinter in the nest before emerging.”

I wonder if we’ll be able to watch some 20-75 ping-pong balls, planted in the gravel under the dumpster, hatch into tiny snapping turtles and take off down the street to slip into Mayberry’s marsh…….or if somebody’s gonna need that dumpster.

~ by kbosin on June 4, 2012.

3 Responses to ““quick! she’s giving birth to eggs!””

  1. Love that! Poor sweet gal … looking forward to seeing the babies when they hatch!

  2. They do seem to lay their eggs in strange places. One dug a hole in our front yard that is totally open to every passing bird. I would have thought that she would have chosen the tall grass by our pond where the young could safely slip into the water.

  3. Garbage-pail kids!

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