three tiny mockingbirds

….hatched at the time of the full moon, when venus was creeping across the sun. Brand new, I spied them laying in a velvet pile, trembling, with soft beaks and still closed eyes. I wondered about them this morning as I laid in bed listening to the rain. I trusted that mother mockingbird was protecting them, although she hadn’t been sitting on the eggs very much. They were tucked into a small nest at eye level – tiny, blue with brown speckles. When I took my camera over to capture the eggs, so fragile and abandoned looking, I was delighted to find the squirmy hatchlings, smaller than my pinkie.

Can you discern them in this photo? They’re about as fresh to the world as they can be.

Welcome little birds, emerging from your round eggs, birthed through the power of the full strawberry moon, so powerful that the high tides poured onto roadways and docks, and right now are way up in the yard. The full moon, which loomed so large last evening, brought forth you, my newest little neighbors.

Welcome. It is a fantastic world you have flown into. Glad you’re here.

~ by kbosin on June 6, 2012.

2 Responses to “three tiny mockingbirds”

  1. Beautiful, Kathy.

  2. Great post, welcome little guys !!

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