What on earth IS that thing?

For a few weeks now, there’s been a lurking giant out in the Bay, behind Poplar Island. Most days the sky has been hazy, and it’s too fuzzy to discern what it is. It looks like a giant ship with cranes of some type. And sure enough, it is. Here’s a photo taken from Chesapeake Bay Magazine, who credits Tom Donlon for the photo:

According to WBOC, the Maryland Port Administration said the cranes are the largest of their kind in the maritime industry and are known as Super-Post Panamax. They weigh about 1,550 metric tons each and can reach 22 containers across on a container ship, lift 187,300 pounds of cargo, and stand 140 feet off the ground while in a working position.

They’re heading to Baltimore, where they’ll fit into a new 50-foot container berth, making Baltimore’s port only one of two East Coast ports to have both a 50-foot berth and channel, allowing Baltimore to draw some of the biggest container ships in the world.

What’s really something is that the Maryland Transportation Authority is closing two bridges today while this ship makes its way up to the city. The Bay Bridge and the Key Bridge in Baltimore will both be closed for an hour or so, sometime today. The concern is that drivers would be distracted crossing the bridge while this thing is going underneath. Good call, MTA. Wouldn’t YOU be distracted if that thing was going under the bridge just as you crossed?

Here’s another photo from the MTA. Whoa.

~ by kbosin on June 20, 2012.

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