Uncle Sam, a sailboat, a pole dancer, and a political message

The good folks at the River House on Rt. 33 often put up a fun display around holidays. If you’ve looked at this blog over time, you’ve seen the cool Christmas display with Santa’s sleigh pierced by military aircraft, easter bunnies fishing and more. Many of us around here were hoping for a memorial day display, but no luck. So you can guess that we were delighted to see a crew putting up a display earlier this week – of course! A new display for the 4th of July!

So they started in mid-week, with Uncle Sam holding up a sailboat with a dangling woman, appearing to pole dance down the halyard…..

On Friday, I stopped to check out the completed display. It included Uncle Sam carrying the heavy load of the sailboat, and our pole dancer, happily sliding up and down. For the first time, there were words involved. Check them out……A big sign saying “Democracy…..a delicate balance”. Two lines connect the sailboat to figures on land, one has a sign saying “compassion”, the other says “self-reliance”.

But wait. It looks like the guy pulling the bow of the boat, steering it, is wearing a hardhat (working class Americans) as he pulls the clueless, partying Americans (unfortunately symbolized by a woman) held up by Uncle Sam. And in the stern? Well, the compassion fellow seems to not be holding the line, but rather, has it tied around his neck. He’s about to get yanked and drowned underwater.

But the boat is on a trailer being pulled the other way by the big truck called America, noted as “boat movers since 1776”.

Is this all about the Supreme Court Decision this week on health care? Seems so.

Politics…right here in the land of pleasant living.

And it gives me pause, to re-consider what the River House’s previous holiday messages were that we all missed (hey look! Rudolph!) Was the Christmas scene all about political and military realities piercing American consumerism?

Well, I don’t see compassion and self-reliance as opposite ends of a stick, nor am I against the Supreme Court decision, BUT……. Bottom line: ya gotta love the creatives, no matter how you feel about their message.

~ by kbosin on June 30, 2012.

2 Responses to “Uncle Sam, a sailboat, a pole dancer, and a political message”

  1. Hmmm. Remember the Thanksgiving arrangement with the turkey chopping off the head of the farmer’s wife? This kind of ambiguous symbolism could provide week’s of discussion. Thanks, Kathy!

  2. I think those folks are becoming way too daffy… how much did they spend on that extravagant monstrosity and WTH is it suppose to symbolize, anyway?

    May I suggest that instead, they erect a simple signboard to convey their intended message, then take the money saved by foregoing the elaborate nonsense and donate it to charity instead.

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