is it yucca?

 …or pineapples?

Or….omg…. It’s corn.

Our local corn.

It’s surely no surprise to any of you who live in the US, anyway, that the past couple weeks have been the hottest and dryest on record.

And our local crops are showing serious signs of stress.

You have to marvel at nature’s ability to protect itself. Look at this corn plant, so deprived of moisture that she turns in on herself, using every single resource she has to conserve water. There’s not much else here going on. Not much going on in the way of photosynthesis for growth, these plants are using every trick in the book to simply stay alive. Look at how she curls her leaves inward, like a cone.

And the beans. Look at these tiny things, trying to stay alive.

NOT good.

~ by kbosin on July 7, 2012.

3 Responses to “is it yucca?”

  1. We’re down this weekend and the car thermometer was reading 107 a little while ago. Not good at all.

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