Rain….glorious rain!

After two sizzling weeks of intense, miserable heat here and across the nation, finally, cool winds began to blow yesterday afternoon. We were awakened to loud thunder, clattering rain on the roof, and flashes of lightning. I almost didn’t mind Zip’s fearful barking. Rain – YES!

Rain. What a treasure – affecting so many things. The crops across the country, the gardens, trees and wildlife. The deer have been ripping up my tomato plants, in part, I suspect, for their water content. They never bothered the garden before.

I found myself smiling at puddles today – how many creatures will take advantage of them for relief? It’s so nice to see EXTRA water, just here and there, for whomever, ready to be absorbed into some other part of life.

And yes, I made time to stop for this eastern box turtle, crossing the road, undoubtedly also experiencing relief from the rain. (It looks like he’s almost done crossing the road, but really, he was just sitting there….and sitting there…….and sitting there.) C’mon guy……yes, I WILL stop my car so that big truck coming down the road doesn’t getcha. I’ve got time for you….We’re all in this together.

Rain. Glorious. What relief!  Appreciating!

~ by kbosin on July 9, 2012.

4 Responses to “Rain….glorious rain!”

  1. The box turtles always get moving following a summer rain: they take advantage of the cool/damp to search out new territory to inhabit.

  2. Awesome turtle. 🙂 What a relief is right … we need more!

  3. Love the rain on the puddle in the road, perspective and etc.! May I have permission to use as reference for an original painting I am doing? Thanks–

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