Local photographer and promotion team – William Wilhelm & Char Ngo

Some serious appreciation for photographer William Wilhelm and his smart and lovely partner/stylist/promoter/marketer Char Ngo. I was needing some head shots for my work editing gardening articles for doityourself.com, among other things, and these two came to my rescue. (Note, I mentioned William once before in this blog when I wrote a piece about him for the Talbot Spy.)

One thing I appreciate about these two is that – just like us, they’ve lived a thousand different lives.  They’ve been city folks, foodies/a chef, corporate, independent, Whole Food managers, caterers, event organizers, innkeepers, the list goes on. They lived here and there on the east coast, from Philadelphia to Florida and everywhere in between.  And just like us, they chose Talbot County for their home.

Among and between the studio talk, the photographs on the dock, and chasing the dog to get her in one, the four of us cooked up some VERY good ideas. And oh yeah, you’ll be hearing about them.

Here’s the part where Bill’s true self shows through.

He had me perched on a piling, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw him grab a very heavy Adirondack chair, and with his camera hanging off his shoulder, run at top speed with the chair out in front of him. It looked very uncomfortable and awkward, and probably was horrible for his lower back.

“But the light! It’s changing right now!” he cried, and threw the chair into the marsh and started snapping away. See, he can’t help himself – a sign of a person in love with what he does, so focused on the work, that he loses himself. What you can’t see in this picture that he is perching precariously on the arms of that tilting Adirondack chair, while it slowly sinks into the marsh…..

He took a ton of shots, I’ve got just what I need. But this one  is my favorite.


~ by kbosin on July 12, 2012.

3 Responses to “Local photographer and promotion team – William Wilhelm & Char Ngo”

  1. Yep, that’s a nice photo!

  2. He is a brilliant photographer. I love his work.

    • Me to. Hey Karena, I was looking at your cool website, and realized that you and I met at the Avalon’s Oscar night. I have a photo of you taking a photo of me taking a photo of you…..what fun that was!

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