There’s a lot of driftwood in the Chesapeake Bay, floating around, landing on beaches at low tide, floating up into marshes. Once you start making things out of driftwood, Kevin has learned, more keeps showing up on your door. Ever since he made the deer and stuck it in the yard, people bring him more. “Here’s one that looks like a horsehead, a swan, an alligator…..!”, etc.

I’ve been thinking about driftwood lately,  not that kind, but another kind of driftwood….

In seafaring times, everybody knew that once you began to see driftwood appearing, land was nearby.

I was looking for some good examples of the other kind of driftwood, when things that you’re looking for in your life just start showing up, piece by piece, like driftwood floating around your ship. When you notice the driftwood around you, you know that “land”  is really, really close.

And wouldn’t you know it…….once I started looking for example of driftwood, it started showing up, just this week.

My friend Kelley, who has been seriously looking for a new job, is starting to see some small, part-time offers roll in. Not the job she wants, but driftwood…..evidence that she’s getting close.

Same for my friend Amy, who has a burning desire to become an author of a book (she’s an accomplished business writer with plenty of magazine articles already published, but a book seemed huge and almost out of the realm of possible to her. Just this week, she got an email from a very successful man she once did a story on. In his email he simply said – “Will you write my book, the one about my life?” She said that her heart dropped into the pit of her stomach – what???? “Uh..yeah. Yes I will write your book!”, she finally said, once she was able to pull her heart out of her feet and speak again.

Or take my friend Shalagh, who had a BIG wish that wasn’t coming true. She stopped thinking about it and turned her attention elsewhere. It’s not my story to tell, it’s hers, but I can tell you. Bam! Her desire – happened – on one day not so long ago. BIG.

Driftwood….. all around me…….I must be getting close.

~ by kbosin on July 14, 2012.

5 Responses to “driftwood”

  1. Excellent entry today! And yours are all good, but this one stands out. Nicely done Kathy 🙂

  2. Kathy, I love this metaphor! It is SO what is happening in my life right now too. Meeting you & following your blog more closely, starting to read Shalagh & Amy’s & a few other things have “drifted” into my life & inspired me to go deeper into my writing & to share more on my blog. I have 2-3 pieces brewing that are more personal & that I hope you’ll enjoy. Thank you for the driftwood, and for all of the positive energy! 🙂

  3. While adrift, you Ms. Kathy, are one of the nicest pieces of driftwood I have been privileged to receive. Thanks for helping me prepare my “Land HO.”

  4. I hope your “land” arrives soon…

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