Six Good Reasons To Shop Easton’s Wednesday Farmers Market

Easton’s Farmers Market is open on Saturday mornings, of course…that’s when every single person you know goes with their dogs – to shop, to visit, to listen to music, to be “in” community. There’s no better way to spend Saturday mornings than splitting your time between a couple of farmer’s markets – I usually choose St. Michaels first, then Easton.

But the Easton Market has a second weekly market – the Wednesday Morning Market – from 8 a.m. till 1 p.m. Today, I found six very good reasons to shop there.

1. Crystal Callahan of Cordova. Crystal has been farming for 19 years and sells her produce at a stand on Cordova Rd, the Cambridge Thursday market, and at the Easton Market, both Saturday and Wednesday. Crystal is a mainstay of the Easton market, and offer a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Especially delicious looking today were blueberries, blackberries, those funky donut-shaped peaches, plums, beans, peas and limas. She’s got it all.

2. Hali Trippe Ulrick –  a 13 year old Easton baker. Her stand called “Le Trippe Baking Company” was a big surprise. Daughter of a chef, Hali said that she’s been baking all her life, and thinks she “probably has a future in food”. I bought some cookies, honestly expecting them to be fine. They weren’t fine. They were fantastic! Some kind of fancy sour cream pastry twists, 6 for $4. I don’t even like cookies, but these were GREAT. Future in food, indeed.

. The Beasley Family Farm is another mainstay of the Easton Market. They’ve been farming since 1945.  Mr. Beasley Senior is 96 years old. This family knows what they’re doing, and the produce is always fresh and delicious. Peppers, peaches, corn, squash, YUM.

4. Black Bottom Farms of Galena is a small, first generation family farm. Pork, beef, chicken and eggs – grown in a natural and stress-free environment – I’ve heard their pork is outstanding. They sell organic livestock feed too. Today they had a rabbit and three chickens on display, along with some educational materials about chickens and eggs. They’ll even take orders for your very own chicken coop, if you’re thinking about raising your own.

5. There’s nothing that says Maryland more than a farmers market that sells fresh local crab. The Dorchester Crab Company is at the Wednesday market with fresh crab right out of the Bay. Today they had Jumbo lump ($25), backfin ($15) and claw ($10). If you call ahead, they’ll bring softshell or hard crabs too – 410-397-8103. Kaylee Seaman and her husband are a young couple who have taken over his family’s business – the Dorchester Crab Company is the last picking house left in their region – they buy from 13-15 boats near Wingate in Dorchester County. Buy from them and you’re helping to support the Dorchester fishing industry and helping support young watermen. There aren’t too many young families left in this industry.

6. Char-D Farm from American Corner. Way at the end of the line, near where the band plays on Saturday, they’ve got continuous delicious produce all year long. They always have some jams, or plants, or something special. Today, they had fantastic little cherry tomatoes and tons of young squash. And hey, look! Today they also have Wendy Rosen there, who’s running for Congress, challenging incumbent Andy Harris. Wendy was charged up this morning, after talking to an early group, and heading off to do more politicking.

Six good reasons to shop the Wednesday market. It may seem like a small market, but those six vendors can cover all of your needs. A person could easily purchase every single thing they need for a week’s worth of meals, right here in Easton, on Wednesdays.

I’ll be back.

<reprinted from the July 11th, 2012 Talbot Spy>

~ by kbosin on July 19, 2012.

2 Responses to “Six Good Reasons To Shop Easton’s Wednesday Farmers Market”

  1. Not only will it be less crowded then, but that is actually perfect timing for this Work-At-Home Mom to go with the kiddos! Thanks for bringing this to my attention, and for featuring beautiful photographs of the awesome food, I’m drooling over here.

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