watermelon carving contest!

OK, who doesn’t like a watermelon carving contest?

July is National Watermelon Month (did you know that?) and the National Watermelon Promotion Board sent us a cool carving kit and an invitation to join in a blogger challenge. Look what they sent in the mail – a watermelon, a carving knife, some heart shaped cutters and a very cute watermelon cutting board.

Lucky for me, Kevin is an artist, and was willing to spend hours playing around with this.

You don’t have to have their kit to join in – the contest is open to everyone – so, go get yourself a watermelon, carve it up and send a photo of it and another of you holding your creation here.

And then….you get to eat it. yum.

You’ve got one week left – entries will be accepted through August 4th. You could win up to $600! Great idea for the weekend. It’s so stinkin’ hot, you might as well sit inside the air-conditioned house and carve a watermelon!

Here is Kevin’s creation, he calls it “postmodern pineapple”.


Nice, Kev!

~ by kbosin on July 27, 2012.

6 Responses to “watermelon carving contest!”

  1. Hilarious! And nice carving, indeed 🙂

  2. Fantastic!! Makes me want watermelon and pineapple at the same time!

  3. Thanks Margaret and Stephanie – it is definitely a watermelon smoothie day around here!

  4. Hi Kathy, we’re the company that provided the carving knife in the kit. For your readers we are offering 10% off all carving knives, books, & dvds to help carve the winning watermelon here: http://www.templeofthai.com/fruit_carving/watermelon-promo.php

  5. Way to go Kathy! What a timely and fun idea. Kevin is an artist! 🙂

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