crazy ’bout them Chantey Singers

My favorite part of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s Folk Fest this weekend had to be the Northern Neck Chantey Singers from Virginia. All retired from various walks of life, some of them had been fishermen in the menhaden industry, back when nets were pulled in by teams of men. They’d sing to balance their effort, and the tempo kept everyone on the same page. Beautiful harmony, and deep, delicious bass sound.

I watched them for an hour outside, then listened to them some more later inside the tugboat display. Each song was different, but they all wound down into that same pace, tempo and circle, all variations on the same theme. I found myself making up songs about “going home, going home till the sun does down” for the rest of the afternoon.

Cool. They’re keeping a dying tradition alive. Pretty important work.

There’s some slow talking at the beginning, but this 3:45 minute piece is worth it. LOVE this stuff.

~ by kbosin on July 30, 2012.

One Response to “crazy ’bout them Chantey Singers”

  1. You must have had a nice time at the fest. It is wonderful when traditions can be shared and kept alive.

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