food pyramid?

Does this look right to you? Honestly, we’re still promoting this?

This is an educational display at the Caroline and Dorchester County Fair just outside Denton, which goes through this weekend. Like most County Fairs, this is a 4H event, and there’s great stuff to see – kids showing animals is my personal favorite. I learned about nutria, and people rescuing Chincoteague ponies, and all kinds of cool stuff. I’ll do a blog post about the fair with photos later this weekend, but I had to show you this now.

This shows that you start with a foundation of white bread and rice, blueberry muffins and spaghetti. Then, potatoes and bananas, with ham, cheese, milk and fried chicken. And on top – coke and M&Ms.

And I’ve gotta say.


Hey, 4H – I think you’ve got a teachable moment, right here, right now.

~ by kbosin on August 3, 2012.

4 Responses to “food pyramid?”

  1. OMG – laughing out LOUD! And it looks like one of those GIANT blueberry muffins from Costco. Great find Kathy.

  2. Doesn’t seem up to date does it? But you know what…unfortunately that 4H person and parents probably eat like that

  3. interestingly, this is the current food pyramid (and looks a lot better with the # of portions included). Based on available images available, this child made an essentially ‘white bread’ interpretation. This is what much of America eats daily… We are some of the lucky few who eat really, really well….

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