perch tonight

These are the long evenings that we like to spend watching the sun go down behind us on the Miles River. The perch have been thick, and in a short hour or so, we always end up with enough for supper. We’re starting to tuck some bags in the freezer too, for deliciousness on another day.

There may be a hundred ways to prepare fresh perch, but nothing beats sauteing the tiny filets in butter. Perfect with a little salt and pepper, and served with fresh juicy tomatoes and cantaloupe, straight from the garden.

Here’s the lure they were caught on – a very old rattletrap.

A quiet, peaceful evening.

We watched the clouds balloon up – growing vertically by the minute.

Clouds covered, a drizzle began. Went home.

~ by kbosin on August 8, 2012.

5 Responses to “perch tonight”

  1. The fish look wonderful.. can you share where your fishing spot is?

  2. Weren’t those tall pink clouds AMAZING last night?

  3. I love your fishing spot! May I ask where it is located?

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