750,000 in 26 minutes


Johnny Oyster Seed sent a cool video of time-lapse photos taken on Friday, where he and his crew blew 750,000 oyster seedlings off his handmade barge and into the creek near Solomon’s Island. A project of the Southern Maryland Oyster Cultivation Society, the goal is to re-establish oyster reefs around Solomon’s Island to the point where the creeks are self-sustaining and the water is clean once again. This is an impressive group who are really making a difference in water quality in their neck of the woods. Hats off to SMOCS.


~ by kbosin on August 20, 2012.

2 Responses to “750,000 in 26 minutes”

  1. Love that!

  2. The video shows the last of six loads we produced for SMOCS this summer (totaling nearly 4,000,000 spat) all of which were planted within the sanctuary creeks behind Solomons Island. Equally exciting IMO, is that SMOCS funded this effort *without* government dollars; it was done through membership dues, private contributions, and corporate grants. It’s pretty cool to see what can be accomplished when people work together on a shared vision.

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