A few years back, when life was really tough, and everything was tight and all clamped up, I desperately sought ease.

I knew that if I could let go of my fears and resistance, things would have to lighten up.

But it was so hard.

In fact, it was SO hard, that when I tried to toss a bottle with a message into the mighty Mississippi River on a cold winter day, the bottle wouldn’t flow downstream.  It got caught in an eddy, and circled around and around, going UPSTREAM, of all things.

Like me.

Meanwhile, only yards away, the Mississippi flowed easily down toward the Gulf of Mexico, powerfully moving millions of gallons of water just past me, churning downstream. I stood there, defeated, and watched a giant log float by, moving swiftly and easily downward, while my bottle spun upward.

In response to this story, a smart friend told me that it was possible for me to find ease, to discover a way to let things move easily around in my life. I started meditating, deep breathing with trippy yoga music, trying to free my mind.

A few weeks later, walking along the river, I saw this:

…..just laying there on the path, and I knew it was a message from me, for me. The EEs that I had been seeking……right there on the ground, staring up at me.

It was in me, not outside somewhere. Within.

I relaxed.

And it worked. I let go a little, and bit by bit, day by day, found ways to let the ease in and let the stress out.

Ever since, I notice Es appearing in nature, and always take it as a reminder that I control the way I see the world, nobody else does that. And I’m in control –  ease or not – it’s up to me.

Nowadays – I’m expecting Es everywhere. And guess what?

It works.

~ by kbosin on September 8, 2012.

11 Responses to “Ease”

  1. Very clever post! I’m glad you found a way to find your Es.

  2. E E

  3. Great post today, Kathy!

  4. You know it took me a moment to connect EEs and ease. Then I laughed, became even more impressed with you, and marveled at those photos.

  5. U R YY !!

  6. I love the simplicity of the message. The obvious is all around us sometimes and we miss it because of all the “stuff” in the way. Great message in a bottle to all of us, Kathy!

  7. Thanks, I needed that.
    Trying to “urban household” (don’t think that is copyrighted yet) on the other side of the Bay. Some days this simpler way of living feels way too complicated. It’s one of those mornings when there is just not enough coffee in the pot to rev me up, but now I am inspired to go out and literally look for EEs. Cheers!
    (and I will be linking to your blog so I can share your fabulous pictures)

  8. Kathy, you definitely kick started my day yesterday. I wrote about it in this morning’s post. http://www.BackCreekDesign
    Worked better than caffeine 🙂

  9. Nice reminder and a clever play on letters – thanks!

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