Perch in the Church

Some days, I wonder how on earth I got so lucky. Monday was one of those days. It started out with a ten o’clock AM appointment to go sailing with CBMM VP Tracey Munson on Elf, chasing the Bugeye Edna Lockwood for Edna’s last sail of the year. You’ll see and hear more about this later – heckuva Monday morning!

When we came back in after the exhilarating sail on Elf, (with some 200 photos of the sailing bugeye), Captain Rick brought out crabs and beer for lunch. The biggest crabs ever, seasoned perfectly. We ate on picnic tables in the shade of a large maple tree, looking out over the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s 18 acre campus. At one point, Jim said “Can we just stay here forever? Under this tree, eating this food?” He was spot on.

As we were packing up, Bob and Cherri from the Bluenose Schooner Martha White popped up.  Seasoned bluegrass musicians, with a band called “Schooner Time“, they agreed to come to Mayberry later in the evening, for the weekly Monday night social.

Kevin had pulled all of the perch he caught over the past couple weeks out of the freezer. Renny, the absolute best cook, agreed to fry it up.

(Renny’s secret for the tastiest fried perch ever? Well, it wouldn’t be a secret if I told, and I’m a storyteller, not a cookbooker, but I’ll say this – soak the perch in the egg mixture for a long time – like an hour, and roll it in panko.)

Fast forward a few hours later, and here we are. An impromptu fish fry and bluegrass concert, right here in Mayberry. A couple of other musicians appeared out of nowhere, and joined in as if they were part of it all along.

This is EXACTLY why the community association bought the church building from the Methodists – to use it for stuff like this – you know – when traveling bluegrass musicians show up on a historic schooner and are willing to play, or when Busy Graham organizes a contra dance, or when villagers want to share poetry, or do play reading, or a party to make Valentines, or, or, or……..

It doesn’t take Mayberry very long to respond to a call for a potluck at the church. …about two hours. Kirke brought a chicken and a hot upside down peach cake. There were salads, slaws, garden fresh dishes and desserts.

They came, we ate, and we listened, and clapped, and cheered, Renny sketched, and every one of us went home feeling lucky.

A VERY special place and time.

~ by kbosin on September 12, 2012.

14 Responses to “Perch in the Church”

  1. I think it’s more than luck, my dear! Made me homesick for my St Michael times and you all! xo

  2. I wish we did things like this over in NoVa! You’re making me want to move to the Eastern Shore!

    • if and when you’re ready, we’ll throw a huge party to celebrate your move here… but….I like reading about the suburbs through your eyes!

  3. and what a great evening it was! terrific photos!

  4. Extremely cool!

  5. The weather alone this week is cause for celebration – what an incredible day!!!!

  6. AAAHHH! perfect.

  7. Impromptu is a wonderful word for this wonderful world. It makes it all the more special with wonderful friends and wonderful experiences.

  8. This sounds like a whole lot a fun. Is this the Bozman church that you are talking about? Just wondering, it has been a while since I have been there and I am sure much has changed.

    • No, the Bozman church is still very much alive as an active Methodist congregation. This is Claiborne, where the community association bought the church to use as a community center in 2010.

  9. Ooooh! So sorry we missed it, tho’ South Africa is awesome….

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