modern day fossils

Just like the dinosaur bones found in tar pits, we spied some modern day fossils on our morning walk on Cooper Point Rd.

Like this inch-long eight

Some dish shards, with an MD for Maryland?

Out in front of PT Hambleton’s Seafood business, a big fish hook totally sunk in the road surface

a shot gun shell half in, half out

some bits of nature, decomposing and smashed into the tar at the same time….a snake skeleton

and the remains of a sweet gum ball


~ by kbosin on September 13, 2012.

5 Responses to “modern day fossils”

  1. What a good eye for spotting such interesting tidbits.

  2. LOVE them all, what a creative post! As I told my Mom on a recent stroller walk w/the kiddos, “you know you’re on the Eastern Shore when there’s a crab shell embedded in the blacktop.” I should have taken a picture!

  3. so much history there! i’m still fascinated by horseshoe crabs!!!

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