When I first saw this boat in the Georgetown boatyard, I felt kinda deflated. Really? That little boat is how someone sees their karma?

Because honestly, I’m pretty sure mine is something more like this:

How ’bout you?

~ by kbosin on September 21, 2012.

10 Responses to “karma”

  1. Oh, Kathy, that is an adorable little boat! But hard to see with that big yacht in the way. Maybe you can take a close up for us?

  2. I can only hope that I get at least the small one!!

  3. Chesapeake bay skipjack is more my thing !

  4. I prefer a nice barge.

    • Don’t you love it when you best love what you already have? Perfect. Which for me right now is – OPB (other people’s boats) – the best kind!

      • Planted a couple million oysters this week; Super Barge is a stud.
        Time for a beer!

      • Go Johnny! Planting a couple million oysters this week? There’s no question that you shouldn’t change your business name, nope – Johnny Oyster Seed you ARE. Enjoy that beer!

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