two kinds of currency in the world

“There are two kinds of currency in the world”, said Keith Bellows, “money and stories”.

Keith is the Editor in Chief of National Geographic Traveler Magazine and Vice President of the National Geographic Society. He visited Bosley Brangier in St. Michaels last week, to sign copies of his new book “100  Places That Can Change Your Child’s Life“. The books were donated to Carpe Diem Arts, a local organization that brings arts programming to Talbot County schools. He gave a compelling talk about the critical need to get our kids outside of our own country, and comfortable in the world.

But the idea of two kinds of currency in the world really stuck with me.

Here’s a quick little story he told about traveling to Burma.

On a trip years ago, Keith was talking to a taxi driver in a remote location in Burma. He asked the gentleman if he had met many Americans.

“ahh Americans”, the man smiled broadly…..”big tips, big tips”.

“How much of a tip did you get?” Keith asked.

“A hundred dollars.”

“What did you do with the hundred dollars?”

“I bought a house.”


That tiny little story, said Keith, tells you more about Burma in two minutes than any travel show could.

Enjoy the currency of stories in your life today.  Doesn’t that idea make you feel rich?

You are.

and for more on Keith’s talk in St. Michaels, check out my story on the Talbot Spy.

~ by kbosin on October 2, 2012.

One Response to “two kinds of currency in the world”

  1. Awesome & SO true. My first trip out of the country was to Quito, Ecuador my freshman year in High School. I don’t need to explain the lasting impression that made on me!

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