crazy kind of october heat

it’s been hot, but it’s October, so turning on the AC seems wrong.

The humidity sticks, and I still see plenty of evidence of summer.

Even though I put the crab traps (or pots, whatever you want to call them) away for the season, and oyster season opened officially this week, we’re still eating crabcakes…..

….and tomato sandwiches from the garden…..

There are still watermelons in Delmarva’s fields….

And the Wednesday night races are still going strong in St. Michaels.

So, although the daylength feels like fall…..and the calendar marches us toward Halloween……I’m still hanging on to summer, like I always do. Appreciation for these last sticky, hot, humid, summer-like days.

~ by kbosin on October 4, 2012.

5 Responses to “crazy kind of october heat”

  1. Wow !! the crabcakes and tomatoes look good, making me hungry even if it is only 9:00 am, soon we will be eating fried oysters and talking about how cold it is, lets be thankful that we have the change in seasons.

  2. Great photos (as always) – feels like I’m there!

  3. Oysters here we come. And I envy you your yummy regional eating. As for the heat? This too shall pass. Most of my shots are tired of me anyway.

  4. Gorgeous! And thanks so much for keeping your awesome blog. I checked it every day while my parents were in Africa for the month….just to get my eastern shore fix. 🙂

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