Amelia Earhart moment

Well, I finally got myself up in an airplane, flying above the Bay. I have been wanting this so badly, that – true confession here  – I joined a non-profit board mostly because one of the members is a pilot, and I thought we’d become friends, and I’d get up in the air.

Isn’t that stupid?

Yes. But it’s true.

It turns out that wasn’t such a smart plan, because the airplane ride part hasn’t worked out so far, and the non-profit has been a LOT of work. Let that be a lesson.

But on Saturday, at the Easton Airport Day, I had my magic moment.

It was a little different from what I expected it would be. I thought I’d be in a cozy plane with, you know, a door. A ceiling. Something enclosed.

Nope. My magic fly above the Bay moment was much more exciting than that.

Two words.

Holy Crap!

Four days later, I’m calmed down, but everything that I’d been keeping in my head, and all the plates that I’ve been keeping spun in the air have come crashing down. It was a big fright, for me. But super cool. Look:

…. if you want to read more about the flight, click on over to my story on the Talbot Spy.

And thank you Hunter Harris!

~ by kbosin on October 10, 2012.

6 Responses to “Amelia Earhart moment”

  1. Go see the Amelia Earhart exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery in DC. It is small, but with a jewel-like portrait by Flagg, one of her leather flying helmets and a bottle of smelling salts!

  2. for any of you reading this be sure to read the article and see the well deserved accolades, Kathy got for her writing and photos!!!!

    • Gosh, thanks, Patti. I love the one where my Mom says she and my Dad are proud of me! It’s always nice to get positive feedback – seems that is something we don’t do nearly enough for one another in community. It always feels really, really good. It’s a good reminder to pass it on.

  3. kathy,
    you gutsy girl……….way to go!

  4. What a great experience. That is the perfect way to have your first flight. Good for you!

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