Shelter Century – Fantastic Success!

What an event!!! From our first planning meeting in late 2011, until well….(it’s not really over yet for this year – we still have a big to-do list to finish up, BUT) – the inaugural cycling event to benefit the Talbot Interfaith Shelter was over-the-top successful.

Over 200 riders, over 80 volunteers, over 62 miles of Talbot County roads. 5 picturesque waterfront villages, 3 public landings on 3 different water bodies, 80 gallons of gatorade, 24 homemade pies, 400 crabs balls, a keg of St. Michaels Ale, ten festooned bicycles and a tank of helium, surely a dozen tanks of gasoline in last week alone.

Whew! 48 hours later and I’m still beat. And not just me. Mark Williams. Julie Lowe. Kathy Hanna. And a rockin’ committee of a dozen others. It took a lot of people to pull this off.

And we Shore did!

Although not all of the revenue and expenses are yet tallied, I’m going to say with a reasonable amount of confidence – some $12,000 dollars raised for the Talbot Interfaith Shelter.  Yes!

~ by kbosin on October 22, 2012.

4 Responses to “Shelter Century – Fantastic Success!”

  1. It’s not easy putting something like this together – especially for the first time. Very cool and congrats to everyone for their success!

  2. Beer, crab balls, and pie – ding ding ding!!!!

  3. Way to go Sis….Job well done. I know you gave it your all.

  4. So glad it was such a success…………congratulations!

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