Classic Delmarva Architecture

You see this, in hundreds of variations, on all parts of Delmarva. One by one, they’re drooping till they crack, and falling.

Many are still inhabited.

There’s something to be said for using things up. In a culture where we toss away things after five seconds, and build new, bigger, better over and over, I can appreciate the choice to use something up. Not sure I’d want to heat and cool it, but I can appreciate it.

~ by kbosin on October 23, 2012.

5 Responses to “Classic Delmarva Architecture”

  1. They are balloon framed; the wall stud is continious from the sill to the eve. Yours may have some time it seems to be sporting a new roof.

  2. You’re right – a totally new roof. Extending the life of the building, one necessary fix at a time. Nothing more.

  3. It’s got character that only comes with age.
    I like it.

  4. I grew up near St. Michaels. Visiting your blog was like going home again.

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