sandy update, 1:30 monday

Steady rain all night and morning, increasing winds. I drove through st. Michaels a half hour ago, and everything is ok so far. Standing water, ditches are full and moving water rapidly.

Went into Easton late morning, there was still a fair amount of traffic on the roads. People in Target slinking around in a hurry, everyone feeling like a last minute loser, avoiding eye contact with one another. Staff and managers looking tense. Appreciated that they were still open, as Dad forgot a couple important items.

Everyone still has power and people are all calling each other and checking in. The Bay Bridge is now closed, and reports from ocean city and rehoboth beach show increasing winds. Southern Delaware roads are closed to all traffic.

Roads in Martingham are showing some water….

~ by kbosin on October 29, 2012.

One Response to “sandy update, 1:30 monday”

  1. Much of the same here in Lancaster Co. The governor is warning people not to venture out taking photos in order to publish on websites. I won’t rat you out Kath!

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