Sandy’s over

And man, am I glad for it.

I halfheartedly downloaded photos this morning from the past few days, and honestly, can hardly bring myself to even think about this storm anymore – mostly because we were so lucky, compared to our neighbors to the north in NJ and NY.

This morning, the sun pops out a bit in Talbot County, and geese are honking overhead. The air is thick with the smell of wet loblolly pine leaves, and groups of small birds are twittering and sweeping around in a way that can only be described as joyfully.

It’s over. We’re lucky.

Big shout out to Connie Lauffer and Thom Sevco for sharing their Martingham condo for us to use when my parents joined us to ride out the hurricane. No trees looming over us made for much easier sleeping during the hurricane. Thanks, friends!

Here’s a look at a few things in my photostream….

Image from early in the storm – the Miles River growing larger and louder.

Water in our backyard flooding yesterday mid afternoon – dock looks like a bridge to nowhere…

Tree on a house on Rt. 33 past McDaniel.

Tuesday morning, at low tide, water was flooding Lowe’s Wharf.

The tide creeping up toward boats on the hard at Knapps Narrows Marina.

Last evening just before high tide, at the foot of St. Michaels harbor.

~ by kbosin on October 31, 2012.

One Response to “Sandy’s over”

  1. Yep, no real problems here – just plenty of wind and rain. Folks in Jersey weren’t so fortunate.

    Last year, hurricanes Irene and Lee delivered a one-two punch of record rainfall to the Bay watershed, especially in PA and NY, that caused terrible flooding and literally filled the upper Bay with fresh water, mud, and trash – killing a LOT of oysters in the process. Luckily, it appears that Sandy didn’t deliver the same type of rainfall, and it looks like the Bay and oysters will be OK.

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