an eagle shrieked

…and the thick musky scent of wet pine needles filled the air on our morning walk in the woods.

Thick socks, mud boots, a polartec hat and gloveless hands stayed stuck in pockets this morning.

The wind whirled leaves.

A neighbor pulled over to the side of Quaker Neck Road to chat.

Upon our return, my cheeks burned in the warm house as I ate my morning bran muffin.

Kevin split a big pile of cedar, and another of cherry.

Memories of frigid bathroom floors, long, dark nights, pots of hot soup and fogged up windows flood back into my mind.

Isn’t it about time for the Kablers’ outdoor pizza oven?

Yup, November is here.

~ by kbosin on November 8, 2012.

4 Responses to “an eagle shrieked”

  1. Yesterday I watched 2 eagles flying low at the mouth of Tilghman Creek and remembered the thrill of seeing bald eagles regularly last November when I first came to Claiborne… I will miss this particular window on the world

  2. It feels and looks more like December here in New Hampshire. Your house must smell wonderful when you make a fire from your wood pile of aromatic logs.

    • Ah! And today was 70 degrees. Kevin had a group of art collectors/appreciators from the Academy Art Museum out to see his print collection – the doors of the studio were open, it was mild and perfect time of day/weather. Touche!

  3. I’m a slow acclimater… not quite ready for winter just yet.
    Suck it up, Johnny!

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