community, again

It’s pretty hard not to be inspired by the efforts over the last week of hundreds of our neighbors who have taken up a serious relief effort for victims of Hurricane Sandy. So far, a 24 ft truck went out to Crisfield, our neighbor to the south which got hit pretty hard (sure could have been us). Today two trucks and a trailer are headed to Arverne, NY – a Rockaway community. If you’re interested in following this effort, or contributing – click the Bay Hundred Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort facebook page – you can even make a secure donation right on the page if you go to the “about” section and scroll down a little.

So many people have been tireless – Marianne Yaeger Stallsmith, Aida Khalil, Trish Payne, Kathy Lash, Ann Farley, Jane Monetti, Maggie Gowe – the list goes on and on. Kids have been helping everyday too, in their own wonderful ways.

Community, again.

~ by kbosin on November 15, 2012.

One Response to “community, again”

  1. It’s hard to even put into words what it feels to see the places you grew up GONE. Can’t even imagine what these people are going through. Love the image of the little one’s words as he writes his letter. Thank you for posting.

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