Celebrating a 40th birthday in nature

Dear friend Cynthia McCafferty flew out to celebrate her 40th birthday in nature, far from the loud and busy life in her part of the world. A public relations executive, Cynthia works non-stop, traveling frequently on business, and serving on multiple non-profit boards in St. Louis. Her typical daytime perch is on the 22nd floor of a high-rise building, and her workdays begin and end in the dark hours.

cynthia and zip

foggy morning

Eastern Shore time always slows her down, and quiets. She moves from the computer and cell phone, to the easy chair with books and blankets, and wanders down the road to the creek, sits on the dock. “Let’s go walk on beaches!” she called out, on her birthday morning.

cl beach

claiborne sunset

I think Cynthia chooses to celebrate here to indulge in what’s so elusive in urban living. Sure, her landscaped backyard patio gardens are lovely, and the tall gates around the historic city park in Lafayette Square holds tons of natural mysteries.


black walnut point trail

But rural Chesapeake spaces offer a rhythm that’s unmatched in any city. Salty mists, sounds, the scent of the marsh. Migrating geese above, their calls echo across Harris Creek. Plops and squirts off the dock. Shrieks of the great blue heron. A feeling of being “far, far away”.

december crab



The gift of time and space. A place to balance.

Oh, we did plenty of cooking and eating, drinking wine and champagne, laughing and storytelling.


But mostly, a quiet time in a quiet place.

Happy Birthday!


~ by kbosin on December 12, 2012.

7 Responses to “Celebrating a 40th birthday in nature”

  1. Such beautiful pictures to remind you of the celebration. Your friend is lucky to have you!

  2. Love the 8th photo – very striking.

  3. Those pictures are a coffee table book in the making Honey. Love ya’,

  4. beautiful. makes me wish i had gone to the beach with you guys that day.

  5. Happy birthday (belated) to Cynthia! I am so glad she was able to come celebrate with you guys!

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