morning winter walks – wet

Morning walks are later this time of year, and have been wet lately. The smell of the marsh and the rain, all mixed together, triggers memories of the past, and now that the world isn’t going to end, trip thoughts about the future. They’re calling for a long slog of a wet and snowy winter around the Chesapeake Bay this year (hope they’re wrong about that too.)

zip and kevin on a walk dec 17

zip on walk dec 2012

Last night’s windy storms pushed water up into the Bay, with Harris Creek sloshing up far into the backyard of the little schoolhouse in Bozman, and the tide is still coming in. I suspect that by high tide today – around noon – we’ll see a lot of water on streets in St. Michaels, and everywhere else.

I haven’t seen a tide coming up into the yard like this in the 19 months we’ve been here, even during the two hurricanes. Winds were powerful last night, and really pushed water up the creek. I’ll take the camera with me as I go about town this morning, and will let you know what I find.

high tide dec 21

~ by kbosin on December 21, 2012.

2 Responses to “morning winter walks – wet”

  1. That’s a soggy yard, a dirty Zip, and your husband lost his butt somewhere on your walk.

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