I always reflect, on the last days of the year. I don’t ruminate so much anymore, but I do go over the past year in my mind with a focus on the times, the people, the opportunities, the good stuff.


I can shoot back easily in my mind through a good decade, recalling the process of reflecting, thinking, intending for the year to come. I can even find some of those lists, in journals and boxes. (A lot of them had to do with moving to the Chesapeake.)

But I do wish I could reach out to last year’s me on the final day of 2011, give her a squeeze and tell her about how 2012 worked out.

Because it worked out fine.

Hmm…If I could really reach a hand backward across time to the person I was on 12.31.11, wondering about the year ahead – what exactly would I tell her?

Probably that’s she’s doing ok. Things are going well. Maybe don’t worry so much. Look for the best in the moment, trust that it’s all working out ok.

And if the 2011 me could look straight into the eyes of the today me, and see that I truly mean that, it would have been tremendously helpful, then.

Just knowing that, is almost as good as that 2013 me seeking eye contact with the now me. I’ll bet her message is probably the same.


May your 2013 be happy and healthy.

Trust that it’s all working out ok.

Happy New Year, friends.

~ by kbosin on December 31, 2012.

5 Responses to “reflections”

  1. Happy New Year

  2. Lovely photo. Thanks for sharing your reflections. It was good to meet you this year. Here’s to a happy year of blogging in 2013!

  3. Amen to maintaining eye contact with the faith in yourself that you always seem to rise to the occasion and then some. And to saying adios to the worry you won’t.
    Love ya,

  4. Reading your reflections, I am surprised to realize that I didn’t know the 2011 you, Kathy, and had not even met you by this time last year…

    You and Kevin are two of the really happy things that happened for me in 2012… two of the reasons I can look back at the 2011 me and urge her to hold on, the world is full of wonder and delight and potential…

    when I remember to trust….

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