“call for compliments”

Guy walks up behind me,  scowls “taking a picture of a trash can?”

Me: “Nope, phone number.”

call for compliments

Guy: “You’re gonna call the trash company?”

Me: “…with a compliment! You bet. Isn’t it great that we can recycle cardboard here now?”

Guy: “It’s a big mess.”

Me: “Really? Looks clean as a whistle to me.”

Guy: “Yeah, well wait till all those St. Michaels restaurants figure out we have this – they’ll come down here, leave a mess every day.”

Me: “Oh, well we can just call this number, and ask them to come pick up more often.”

Guy: “It’ll never work with those restaurants there.”

Me: “Oh, come on.  Can’t we all work together..?”

Guy: ” Never works, I’ve been here a long time.”

Me: “I guess you’re a pessimist, huh?”

Guy: “You got that right”.

Me, after I got in the car and rolled down window: “Hey, have a nice day, huh?”

Guy: “Snort.”

My compliments to the good people at the Maryland Environmental Service who have placed a big cardboard recycling dumpster in our little recycling round-up.  Thank you!

~ by kbosin on January 19, 2013.

5 Responses to ““call for compliments””

  1. And guess what I was recycling up here in Denton yesterday at my regular recycling spot? Cardboard too! They did, however, forget to repost the inclusive description on the paper bin that said paperboard (cereal boxes,egg cartons) is OK to recycle too. I’ll be calling that man at that number to talk at length on subjects related. Stay tuned.

    • Oh Terry, it is a small and quiet world you’ve moved into. (It’s ok. Don’t worry. There’s plenty of real stuff to be thankful for…just wait.)

  2. I’m especially thankful that I can recycle all my cardboard moving boxes. Didn’t know it was new. I will definitely call. It feels good to be thankful about something!

  3. reallly, maryland hasn’t been recycling cardboard???

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