inauguration celebration

This morning, Talbot County Democrats gathered at the Avalon Theater to watch the inauguration of President Obama on the big screen. And although it wasn’t nearly as crowded or  jubilant as it was four years ago, there was quite a celebratory feeling inside the theater today.

Flags waved and standing ovations ensued. The crowd responded most enthusiastically in response to President Obama’s remarks about peace and about equality.

There’s something poignant about using a community theater in this kind of way. Not only for the best in entertainment, or for educational lectures, but for a  celebration of a broader reach than this rural county alone.

The sharing of bagels and coffee, juice and donuts, expression of common values and choices – made for a meaningful community celebration for many this morning in Easton.

Overheard from the balcony section –  a triumphant cry –  ”We did it!”


~ by kbosin on January 21, 2013.

3 Responses to “inauguration celebration”

  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate community! For ’09 when we were still living in DC, we had booked our flight to SLC for Sundance Film Fest on Inauguration Day – sort of by accident. Hubs & I biked down to the Mall from our apartment (near National Cathedral) in the AM to see the crowds anyway – I think I heard today ’09 was not only the biggest turnout for a Presidential Inauguration ever, but the biggest turnout for any event on the Mall ever. Very pleased to watch from the warmth of my home on the Bay this year. Very poignant it was on MLK Day.

    My favorite factoid of the day: Obama is the only President besides FDR to be sworn in 4 times (FDR was elected 4 times).

  2. I am not sure what was meant by “we did it”. At the end of the day the only edge we have as Americans is to grow the economy to provide for our children, grandchildren, and to provide opportunities for those less fortunate than we are.

    The last four years have failed that challenge.

    Let us hope the next four years will provide the economic strength to provide the growth that will ensure a bright future for our prodigy.

    • I believe what was meant was “we elected Obama!”

      I appreciate your style – thoughtful, civilized, gentle disagreement.

      Let’s all do more of that. Bravo to you. Thank you.

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