They said hello…

…the horses did, at Country Comfort Farm’s horse show today in McDaniel, on a very cold February Saturday.

The horses seemed curious this morning, their spirits reaching out ahead of them. Usually one to shy away from such big creatures, I felt drawn in by the big eyes, the soft look. A gentle, calm feeling in the air at the horse show this morning.

Lisa and Cowboy had an excellent morning. Ribbons!

I walked around, watched, said hello to dozens of these cousins, these big beings. They said hello back. It felt good.

And as I walked away to go home, I felt connected, not unlike the feeling after a long walk in the woods, or a swim in open water. Connected to nature, to the spirit. Maybe it was the smells, the sounds, the thumping. Maybe it was the scene, yes, a competition, yet so civilized and quiet.The parking lot was filled with horse trailers and SUVs – all women, girls, hardly any men around. The place had a decidedly soulful feel.

Most probably it was the horses, their big eyes and warm breath, more open to me, than I was to them – that connected me.


~ by kbosin on February 16, 2013.

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